Bowl Food

Bowl Food

A bit about you…
Bringing bowls of global kerbside street food to an event near you. We bring flavours and tastes from all over the world, combine them with the best Scottish produce and stick them in a bowl for you. Offering diverse flavours, ranging from Korea to Jamaica and everywhere in between, we serve up bowls of fresh, healthy, tasty deliciousness. It’s food for the bowl.

Who would be at your dream dinner table?

1: Gillian Kingdom, my beautiful fiancee. How could I not have her at any sort of party.
2: Ross Moodie, my father and hero. Would also bring the benefit of extensive wine and port cellar.
3: Ross Manson, my best mate. Incredibly funny and makes the best pastrami I have ever tasted!

A perfect dinner party for me is about being relaxed, enjoying the food and time with friends. It’s not about feeding famous people and hoping they live up to your expectations. That is the ethos of my food too- perfect for anyone, it doesn’t matter who you are, enjoy it with people you love! Food, family, friends, laughter – those are the memories that will last forever.



Bao Buns
£7 for 2
Korean brisket served with pickled cucumber, hot sin & sriracha mayo. Japanese fried chicken served with pickled cucumber, hot sin & sriracha mayo. Crispy coconut shrimp pickled cucumber, hot sin & sriracha mayo
5 Gyoza with an asian cucumber & noodle salad. Chicken gyoza with dipping sauce. Veg Gyoza with dipping sauce.
£5.50/ £7.50
Seasoned fries topped with chana masala, 'slaw, Trusty Buck's mayo, red onion & chives
Edamame Beans with sea salt

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