Haggis Man

Haggis Man

A bit about you… Funked up traditional Scottish food done streetfood stylie. Scottish soul food meaty, veggie and vegan. Haggis, venison and black pudding.

Who would be at your dream dinner table?
Judge Judy, Gandhi and Nick Cave.



Poke of haggis neeps and tatties
Small sundae style stodge. Meaty, veggie or vegan.
Posh Haggis Bap
Brioche, leaves, Brie and chutney wi haggis. Meaty, veggie or vegan. Add chips for £1.50
Griddled Venison Steak
With homemade chips served with beetkraut. Add haggis £1.50
Haggisaurous Mex
Super healthy haggis nachos with salsa, salad, guac,cheese and jalapeños. Meaty, veggie or vegan.
Beer stewed venison
Venison smothered over chips with beetroot.

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