Yu Ca Taco

Yu-cataco is a food truck serving real Mexican Street Food.

A bit about you…
With the most authentic Mexican street food in Scotland, Yu-ca-taco is the closest you’ll get to a stroll along the white sandy beaches of Tulum.
Don’t ask how (‘cos it’s a secret), but a single bite of one of our soft-shell, corn tortilla, slow-cooked tacos is, impossibly, hearty, rich, fresh AND zesty. Spicy is optional, but recommended. Vegans and those who despise gluten (SO intolerant!) – you can rejoice: we have delicious vegan tacos and more, and ALL our food is gluten-free!

Who would be at your dream dinner table?

Frida Kahlo, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, and Dora the Explorer



Mix and match tacos 2 for £5.00 3 for £6.00
Shredded Chicken - Chicken thighs slow-cooked in citrus & achiote paste. Picadillo Beef Slow-cooked, succulent braised beef in adobo sauce. Black Beans (V/VG) Creamy beans cooked in a blend of herbs & mild guindilla chilli. Cauliflower & Sweet Potato (V/VG) Roasted in cumin and herbs on a black bean puree base.
Black Bean Bocoles (V/VG OPT)
Two black bean and masa cakes stuffed with spiced squash & goats cheese served with salsa, chipotle creme & ensalada.
Nachos (V/VG OPT)
£6.00 (Add meat of your choice for £1.50)
Tortilla chips topped with our black beans. A seasonal squash ‘guac’ crumbly white cheese, salsa verde & chipotle crema

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